Get customer feedback,

Use our simple react-native integration to create custom feedback questions. You can integrate it easily and give your customers a voice. All feedback can be handled by our backend management tool.

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npm install feedbee
import Feedbee from "feedbee" 

<Feedbee visible={true} apiKey={apikey} />
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Customer feedback management

⚡ Instant with No-Code

We've created the react-native components for you, you just have to use them. (Almost) No code is required.

📈 Analytics

With our management web tool you get inisghts and analysis to your customers answers.

💲 Free

Our tool is copmletly free to use. If you want to try it out start now! Up to 100 responses are free, all above will be saved and can be accessed with premium.

🧑‍ Learn & Shape

You customers want to give you feedback and help you by shaping the product. With Feedbee you have the chance to give your customer a voice and build a product your customers really want.

🎀 Customization

Customize your questions and change them according to your current needs. You want to know if a certain feature is used? Just ask!

🐱‍💻 Open Source

The frontend libraries are completly open source and used, customized and contributed however you want.




  • 10 repsonses / month
  • Basic Analytics
  • 1 User
  • Single Tenant



  • 1000 responses / month
  • Basic Analytics
  • 1 User
  • Single Tenant


19,99 €

  • Up to 20,000 responses / month
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 20 User
  • Multi Tenant

Let your customer speak, now!

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